BTS Beyond the Charts

Join us on a journey through the electrifying world of BTS, the sensational K-pop group that’s taken the music scene by storm. “The BTS Quiz” is your ticket to test your knowledge of this iconic South Korean boy band.

From their name’s meaning to their chart-topping hits and beloved members, this quiz will challenge your BTS expertise. Whether you’re a die-hard ARMY or just exploring the BTS universe, this quiz is your opportunity to prove your love for the group.

So, hit play on your favorite BTS track, and let’s dive into this quiz to see if you’re a BTS superstar or if you’re still discovering the magic of BTS.

Are you ready to embrace the BTS vibe and prove your BTS knowledge? Let’s get started!

The BTS Quiz

What is the meaning of the acronym "BTS," the name of the famous South Korean boy band?
Who is the youngest member of BTS?
Which BTS song became the group's first Billboard Hot 100 number one hit?
In which year did BTS debut as a group?
What is the name of BTS's dedicated fanbase?
Which BTS member is known for his mixtape "Agust D"?
What is the name of BTS's second English-language single, released in 2021?
Which BTS album features the tracks "Boy With Luv" and "Dionysus"?
In which TV show did BTS make their American debut performance in 2017?
What is the name of BTS's company and record label?
The BTS Quiz
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