7 Signs The Person You Are Dating Is The One For You


Let’s face it, dating is tough. There are a million factors to consider when looking for someone that you want to date and you’re likely hoping for a sign so that you can make your decision. If you’re on the fence about whether or not someone is worth pursuing, these seven signs might help you decide.

There are specific signs that can indicate when you are dating someone who is the one for you. While there is no guarantee that all of these signs will be present in every relationship, they can provide a strong indication that this person is right for you.

1. They make you feel good about yourself

One of the most important things in a relationship is how each person makes the other feel. If your partner makes you feel appreciated and good about yourself, they likely care about and love you very much. This shows not only respect but also trust, which are key ingredients to a lasting relationship.

2. They make you laugh out loud

If your partner can make you laugh out loud without even trying, they must have some pretty funny stories or jokes up their sleeve! Not only does laughter promote healthy blood flow and relaxation, but it also demonstrates deep affection and connection between two people. When dating someone who makes you happy, it’s clear that they’re a great fit for you!

3. They give 110% effort in everything they do

When it comes to relationships, there’s nothing more frustrating than feeling like your partner coasts through life without putting any effort into it. No one deserves to be with someone who doesn’t put in the extra work – including the ones we date! So if your partner always puts their all into everything they do, from conversations to dates to making love, chances are they’re truly special to you. 

4. They genuinely enjoy spending time with you

If your partner loves spending time with you, it means they find you very interesting and enjoyable to be around. They’ll be excited to do anything and everything with you, which indicates a strong connection between the two of you.

5. They make effort to understand and respect your interests and values

If your partner is truly invested in getting to know who you are as an individual, they’ll be eager to listen when you share what’s important to you. This shows that they have an understanding of what makes YOU happy, rather than just trying to meet your needs.

6. They always put themselves in your shoes

People who truly care about others are constantly trying to see things from their perspective. If your partner takes the time to consider how their actions might affect you, they’re definitely someone worth dating!

7. They never stop caring about and wanting to be close to you

A relationship is built on trust and communication; if one of those pillars starts crumbling, it’s likely not going to last very long. Someone who truly cares about you won’t allow anything or anyone (even themselves) to break that bond so easily.


Whether you’re looking for your first serious relationship or you’ve been in a few before, it’s important to carefully examine the signs that someone is the one for you. In this article, we will explore some of the key signs that may indicate that your date is the one for you. Be sure to read through this list and think about whether any of these indicators apply to your situation. If so, take things slow and give yourself enough time to get to know this person better. Who knows? You might just fall in love with them!

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