Do You Know Barbie Inside And Out?

Are you a Barbie pro or just a casual fan?

Take our ultimate Barbie quiz to find out! This quiz is here to test your knowledge of the famous fashion doll, from her history to her many careers and accessories. Whether you’ve been collecting Barbies for years or you just like them, these questions will challenge what you know.

So, pick your favorite Barbie, get ready for some fun, and dive into the world of Barbie. Can you prove your Barbie expertise or will you feel like a newbie in Barbie’s world? Let’s see!

Test your Barbie know-how and have a blast with this quiz!

Barbie Bonanza Quiz

What was Barbie's full name according to her official backstory?
In which year was the first Barbie doll introduced to the world?
What is Barbie's signature color associated with her clothing and accessories?
Barbie has had various careers over the years. Which of the following was NOT one of her careers?
Who is Barbie's boyfriend or significant other?
What is the name of Barbie's little sister who was introduced as a doll in the Barbie line?
Which famous doll line is considered a rival to Barbie and was introduced in the 1980s?
In 1985, a Barbie doll was sent into space on which space shuttle mission?
What is the name of Barbie's iconic pink convertible car?
In 2020, Barbie celebrated her 60th birthday. How many careers has Barbie had by that time, according to the "Career of the Year" series?
Barbie Bonanza Quiz
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